72 ways your Air Secretary can help you

Secretarial and patient support

1. Answering the phone

2. Booking appointments for new patients

3. Booking appointments for patient review

4. Receive referrals and triage

5. Support telehealth clinic appointments as a virtual secretary in the clinic

6. Type letters from dictation

7. Send doctors letters

8. Write medical certificates

9. Confirming patient appointments by text or phone

10. Set up telehealth appointments on Zoom or other platforms

11. Manage pharmaceutical and device rep visits for doctors

12. Type and send medical reports for patients eg, Vic Roads, employment

13. Type and send medico-legal reports

14. Reviewing and filing correspondence from other doctors

15. Flag any letters from other doctors which require action

16. Booking investigations for patients eg lung function test, sleep studies, echo,

17. Arrange elective admission for patients to private hospitals

18. Chasing up patient referrals from GPs and other doctors prior to review appointments

19. Send patient education videos

20. Send patient welcome videos from clinicians

21. File investigation reports such as sleep studies and echocardiography etc and send to referring doctors

22. If a doctor is running late, inform patients to reduce their wait time

Medicare, health fund and billing

23. Check patient’s medicare numbers

24. Process billing for patient appointments over telephone

25. Take credit card payments

26. Process bulk billing

27. Check billing

28. Chase unpaid consultation fees (Tyro, Square, HF)

29. Check uninvoiced appointments

30. Process in patient billing with health funds including Eclipse exceptions

31. Fill in PBS authority application forms and upload to PRODA for approval

32. Update details with private health funds eg provider numbers, banking and contact details

33. Linking doctor’s provider numbers and bank details to private health funds

34. Requesting new provider numbers for doctors

35. Billing TAC

36. Workcover billing

37. Processing Medicare claim reversal

Operating and procedure list management

38. Operating and procedure list management

39. Liaise with patient and their family about operations and procedures

40. Arrange anaesthetists for operating and procedure lists

41. Send theatre list to hospital, anaesthetists and team

42. Type operation and procedure reports

43. File operation and procedure reports and send to referring doctors

44. Invoice patients for operations and procedures

Practice management software (PMS) management

45. Adding patient details into PMS

46. Adding and changing clinics

47. Create and edit letter templates

48. Maintain contact list

49. Follow up recall list and book appointments for patients needing recall

50. Ensure new documents in PMS are labelled correctly

Admin tasks

51. Manage email inbox

52. Check email spam folder to ensure important emails are not missed

53. Create email templates for commonly used email replies

54. Check voice messages and return calls

55. Create systems on how to perform tasks and add to practise intranet
56. Update system for changes made and disseminate changes to team

57. Add new tasks to Asana or other task management software

58. Create fillable forms for PDF documents

59. Convert files eg JPG to PDF etc

61. Create billing reports for doctors

62. Create reports on business measurables eg, revenue, number of referrals and new patients

63. Attend staff meetings and record minutes

64. Ordering of new stock for consulting rooms

65. Help organise social events for practice

Practice promotion and marketing

66. Create graphic designs for promotional advertisements

67. Email marketing and automation

68. Contacting GP practice managers

69. Advertising and arranging GP talks

70. Assist with on-boarding of new doctors and staff members

71. Update website

72. Add blog articles and videos to website