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Working with Filipino nurses in the hospital lays a foundation for employing them in your practice

March 12, 20243 min read

As a specialist doctor working in Australian hospitals, it's likely that you have worked alongside nursing staff from the Philippines. This may have been on the wards, in theatre, or within the endoscopy suite. This interaction offers a unique insight into the exceptional qualities these nurses bring to our healthcare system, both as individuals and as healthcare professionals.

Filipinos embody a wonderful blend of warmth, resilience, and dedication. They are known for their hospitable and friendly nature. They have a very strong sense of family and this is evident in the way they work. This innate kindness, combined with a strong sense of empathy, allows them to connect with patients and colleagues on a personal level, fostering a supportive and collaborative atmosphere that is crucial in healthcare settings.

Filipino people, by nature, embody the core values of Air Secretary: working as a team, caring like family, being humbly confident, making a difference, and embracing fun and banter. 

Inherent in Filipino culture is the spirit of "Bayanihan," which reflects the essence of communal unity and cooperation. This aligns with the value of working as a team, where everyone supports each other towards a common goal. 

Filipinos are known for their strong family values. They treat everyone they build meaningful relationships with as family, mirroring Air Secretary's value of caring like family, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Humility coupled with confidence is a hallmark of Filipino character, allowing them to face challenges with grace and assurance. Their drive to make a difference is evident in their work ethic and dedication, often going above and beyond to contribute positively in their roles. 

Lastly, the Filipino love for camaraderie and good humour resonates with the value of fun and banter, making the workplace a joyful and vibrant space. Their love of Karaoke is a great example of this! 

These cultural traits make Filipinos ideal people for Air Secretary to train as medical secretaries for Australian specialists.

The positive experience you are likely to have had with Filipino nursing staff in hospitals lays a comforting and familiar foundation for Australian doctors when considering the integration of a Filipino secretary into their practice. Air Secretary taps into this familiarity, offering Australian specialist doctors the opportunity to employ Filipino staff as medical secretaries based in the Philippines. The same qualities that make Filipino nurses exceptional in their clinical roles are what Air Secretary's medical secretaries bring to their administrative tasks.

By employing Filipino medical secretaries through Air Secretary, doctors can extend the compassionate, efficient, and skilled service they've come to appreciate from Filipino nurses into the administrative aspects of their practice. This not only ensures the smooth operation of their practice but also maintains the warmth and empathy characteristic of Filipino care, enhancing the overall patient experience and practice efficiency.

In essence, the integration of Filipino professionals into the Australian healthcare landscape, be it as nurses or medical secretaries, enriches the sector with a blend of skilled expertise and heartfelt compassion. Their training, dedication, and inherent kindness not only elevate patient care but also contribute to a more supportive, efficient, and culturally diverse healthcare environment, underscoring the invaluable role of Filipino professionals in shaping a more inclusive and empathetic healthcare system in Australia.

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Dr Barton Jennings

Barton is a respiratory and sleep physician and the founder of Air Secretary

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