We provide medical secretaries for Australian specialist doctors

A trained medical secretary to work exclusively for you, saving you time and money

We help find the perfect person for you and supervise them in our office

The whole Air Secretary Team - Medical secretaries

What WE DO

Air Secretary helps physicians and surgeons leverage competent secretarial staff that improves the efficiency of their private practice, eliminates the administrative burden and removes the headache of recruiting, training and maintaining staff.

So that you can concentrate on helping your patients.

I employed my first staff member in the Philippines in October 2019. At that time I wanted some help with my never ending list of admin tasks which my secretaries did not have time to complete. There was outstanding billing and invoices, missed emails and referrals needing to be triaged. This staff member is now team leader of 5 fully trained medical secretaries based in our office in the Philippines who work closely with my local secretarial team in Melbourne to run my respiratory practice. 

Doctors have frequently asked me to help them employ off-site staff to help their practice. I realised that many specialist practices were experiencing similar problems of being overrun with secretarial work limiting their ability to run efficiently. They needed help to offload administrative tasks from themselves and from their secretaries. So, in November 2022, Air Secretary was established to help other Australian doctors benefit from employing medical secretaries off site to support their practice. 

Air Secretary will find and recruit a full time staff member who will work exclusively with your practice. This staff member will be set up in our office in the Philippines within the friendly and supportive environment of our team. They will be guided through a training and onboarding program to qualify as a medical secretary. We will manage them and provide ongoing education and support so that they can provide high quality work for your practice.

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8 reasons to use Air Secretary

Your own secretary

Your Air Secretary works exclusively for your practice only

Cost saving

Reduced cost compared to local staff

Ongoing training

Online and regular in person training provided to all staff

Saves space

Free desk space in your consulting rooms

Supported and managed

We recruit, train and manage your staff and ensure they love their work

Staff work in office

Office environment for accountability, efficiency, collaboration and data security

International exchange

Opportunity to visit staff in Dumaguete

Great mentorship

Our leaders are passionate and supportive 


Work as a team

We work together to achieve greater knowledge, efficiency and sharing of ideas

Care like a family

This is to show empathy, honesty and support for one another like you would with your family

Humbly Confident

We look for ways to learn and improve and be the best without feeling the need to show

Make a difference

We strive to make a positive impact and achieve outstanding health outcomes

Fun and banter

We love and enjoy our work

Associations & Partners

We work with multiple specialist clinics and service providers in Australia

The use of remote staff in my practice has been a game changer.

The staff are cheerful and more than competent. Their English is sound (but with an American accent). They are excellent at the myriad of support tasks in a practice – the organisation of work, booking of operation lists and booking patients in the rooms. There is a distinct advantage to having the telephone answered away from a reception desk – it means that the staff in the rooms can give their sole attention to the patient in front of them and not seem distracted by the ‘phone calls. The cost of staff plummets; this is a distinct and obvious advantage. There is work needed in organising the logistics – I have used software that was already installed with Outlook. A digital telephone system is essential.

-Mr William Edwards (Orthopaedic surgeon)